Jour 25 : à 10:00 (heure locale)

We arrived in bus one hour (hereford ludlow), after we went in the center street, it's a small town very lovely and traditionnal we could see the old buildings and there was a market .
After we was in the church there had a conference but we visited it's small but nice, we asked for visit the tower of the .church and a guide show me and told " I am sorry for the vote I voted in "
After we walk on the street and in the market we need to find a restaurants will advised de Grey but it was very difficult to find he .and me ask a five people before found and the people said where do you come from (our accent). In fact, the name of the restaurant changed it's deli I take pasta carbonate and a beer but I was disappointed the building was very traditionnal but the decor was industrial like the food !
After we visited the
Castle nice but without explain it's difficult to guess the story and understand the thing,we saw the gate too nut change in .less traditionnal
On the road we found a singers very lovely abd we saw too a festival very traditionnal I liked this ambience
I like this town very traditionnal even if there are nit a lot of things to visit
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