Jour 4 : à 09:30 (heure locale)

Day 3
9:30am to 7:40pm

Big thunder mountain: fun roller coaster train.

Mr. Toads wild ride had fun decore in it.

Did the toy story ride. Got to use guns to play several mini shooting games while on the ride. This one was lots of fun. Lisa got 87,000 points and I got 84,000 points. The boys got into the 150,000s. However, I won in accuracy. I got 53% accuracy, while everyone else got under 45%. This was my second favorite ride of the day.

Went on the Soar ride where you sat in seats and watched a huge screen. It took you flying around the world. It was an awesome experience. It was my favorite ride of the day.

We also rode the large swing ride and the flying blimps ride.

Nyssa, Q, Lisa, and Devon rode on the Dumbo ride.

Nyssa got sick again today, so she was only there half of the day.

We met up at 5pm to eat at Goofy's Kitchen, which is a character dinning experience. We all got to meet Pluto, Chip, Dale, Minnie, and Goofy. Derek got to give his favorite character, Goofy, a hug. It was a yummy all you can eat buffet.

Q, Lisa, Nyssa, and I all walked home at 7:40. The kids swam, we played a little, then hit the sack.
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