Jour 3 : à 09:30 (heure locale)

Day 2
9:30am to 11pm
Friday, January 6, 2017

Nice sunny weather. Cooled down at night.

Went to bug world first. Rode caterpillar first. Q and nyssa sat together. Enjoyed it.

We also rode airballoon and bumper cars. Q drove by herself first time.
Devon, nyssa, and Q did spinning ladybug ride. I didn't ride to avoid getting sick.

Loved the world and all the decor. Everything was super-sized in Bug world.

We then went to ride Grizzly Peak. I went down the 2 waterfalls backwards. Didn't get soaked , but was wet. Propably second favorite ride for today.

Also went to the Redwood forest ropes course area. It was a lot of fun for Q and I enjoyed looking around. It looked so real.

Nyssa got feeling sick and also tired. Devon, her, cody, and Sam went back to the house at 4pm.

The rest of us went to ride the California Screamin roller coaster. It was Q and I'd first roller coaster. It went upside down once. Had a lot of fun. Q didn't want to go on at first. She had every excuse while we were in line waiting. Probably my third favorite ride of the day.

Next we did the Mickey Ferris wheel. This one was super cool. Liked how the seats moved while the entire ride was moving.

The last ride of the day was the Cars ride. This was my favorite of the day. I loved the entire town. It was so real and felt like we were right in the movie. The ride was super fun as well; especially the racing.

Q, Derek, and I did some quick shopping with Cody and Sam. Then Devon joined with us while Brian and Lisa stayed at the house with nyssa. Q and I got a churro and walked back to the house.
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