Jour 2 : à 08:30 (heure locale)

Day 1
8:30am to 11:45
Thursday, January 5th 2017
Pouring rain all morning, until around noon.

First ride was the Roger Rabbit ride in toonland. Really cool hallway to look at while we were waiting in line.

Really enjoyed the Indiana Jones ride because of the sudden drop right after the boulder. Probably my favorite of the thrill rides.

Walked through Tarzan's treehouse. It was so beautiful, tall, and incredibly realistic looking. Made me want to live in the jungle as Jane.

I also really enjoyed the Star Tours ride because it felt like you were going at light speed, but you were actually just sitting still.

The other ride I liked was splash mountain because of the 50ft drop off the waterfall. This was probably my second favorite thrill ride. We went on it twice. My faborite time was sitting vehind Brian, watching him get soaked. We had funny pictures of all of us coming off the falls also. Nyssa looked terrified both times. I was screaming with my eyes closed both times. Lisa ducked one time. And Derek and Devon had their hands up, smiling both times.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was my favorite for the day. I loved the New Orleans vibe. The atmosphere was amazing . Although you were underground, it was nearly impossible to tell. There were moving clouds, shooting stars, and a beautiful night lit sky. I loved the pirates and trying to spot Jack Sparrow hiding amongst the commoners.

I got 7,400 points shooting bad aliens on the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blast ride. Q got 2,400. We had lots of fun.

The haunted mansion was lots of fun because it was A Nightmare Before Christmas themed. Enjoyed hearing the tunes from the movie.

Rode It's A Small World. Derek remembers this ride from his childhood. It was Christmas themed, so they mixed in jingle bells with the traditional song of the ride. Loved seeing all the fun characters. Longest ride of the day. Nice and slow paced.
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