Jour 27 : à 08:00 (heure locale)

Wonderful day at Fitzroy island ! The weather was perfect ! We went there with an other couple, Dylan&Carlota
It took 45min to go on the island, and I wasn't sick ! Ouf !
When we arrived, we walked around and were enjoying the view and the scene! Then, we took our stuff (for the snorkel and for the kayak) and let's go for 3hours in the kayak!
Who had this bad idea ?!
No, I'm kidding ! It was a good experience with an Australian guide, but so exhausting! And what is his fucking accent ! OMG it was horrible! I understood some words, some sentences and the global idea. But WTF, the Australian's accent is terrible to understand !
After a (small) war, okay fight, to know what was the right to paddle, we arrived on 'Little Fitzroy Island'.
And the view, OMG (again!) Amazing !
We climbed at the top, it was really breathtaking :)
And we saw a big turtle far away!

For the come back, an other turtle said us Hello, but I was slow and I couldn't take a picture :(
Next time !

After the kayak: LUNCH ! Yeah !!!

Then, we went to nuddey beach, the famous one, and some of us were snorkeling, and the other were napping.

A other Good day !
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