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Sunny Sunday !
We decided to follow Sam, the English guys. He known a great place to stay all the afternoon. He didn't lie, the beach was beautiful, a lot of coconut tree, good sand, and great view.
Unfortunately, we are in Australia and there are a lot of crocodiles here, and you can't swim. Of course, you can, but it's risky!!
So I put only my feet in the ocean to get down the temperature of my body !!
The guys try to survive... They climbed to a tree...without success! And then, they threw a rock in the purpose to get a coconut! The first one wasn't mature, still green. But the three of one were okay !
They tried to open it ! It was very difficult but they finally succeeded and everybody have tried to drink the coconut's juice. It wasn't bad, but not my favorite taste.
Then, then opened it in two part and we ate a piece of one. It was disgusting in my opinion, and really hard!
After 2h on the beach, we came back in Cairns because it was too hot, we couldn't swim and we were hungry!
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