Jour 56 : à 15:30 (heure locale)

Saturday, we were looking for something close and the other guys were at Behana falls. So, we decided to join them because it was only 30min by road....
When we arrived, we had to walk, but no one known how long...and finally, we walked for 1hour :/
Can you imagine ?! And it wasn't flat! A lot of big hill and slope. It was horrible with my thong!
But after 1hour, the view was gorgeous ! We met our friend, drank a beer, and swam! But not me!
The water was too cold for me, I just put my legs inside!
Sam and Morris had wanted to jump, so I gave them my go pro and they jumped from the cliff! Crazy !
It was too high for me, and for Alex too !!!

We had to walk 1h for come back home, but it was shorter ! We missed the sunset but it was a really good day.
And for the with everybody !
I lost but Alex won ! 40$ benefit for him !
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