Arc 1800 (juillet 2016)

du 8 juillet 2016 au 10 juillet 2016 - 3J

At 9 o'clock in the morning, me and my brother went down to our VTT lessons. Ones we got there we quickly put on our helmet, gloves, shine gards and our chest protection. Ones we had all finished, we collected or bikes and set of. As we got closer and closer to transarc we saw a group of around 200 awaiting in line. Luckely we were V.I.P and they let us pass right in front of there feat. It took around 30 minutes until out finale destination. Unfortunately there was a too big amount of snow therefore lots of the VTT piests were closed, an see had to take a green piests witch was not worth the time. After that we did yellow stone a red piest. It was as bumpy as a rock garden. Piere our VTT teacher gave us advise and then let us go. There were some very long turns, but not too hard...

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