Jour 33 : à 18:04 (heure locale)

Last night was intense. It has been raining so much that we couldn't sleep because of the noise the rain was making on the roof of the van. Even the car itself was shaked by the wind, so we woke up around 7am.

Morning: chilling in the van because it's way too windy and rainy outside to do anything else.

Afternoon: it's not raining anymore but the wind's still there. We drove downtown so we could book Cathedral Cove kayak tour on Sunday and White Island on Tuesday (of course we checked weather forecast before ...).

Later on, we wanted to go to a local event, a kind of farmers market, Dinner at the Domain. However, it got cancelled because of the (very) bad weather so we just got back to the camping.
Tomorrow is supposed to be the last storm day. We're getting impatient !!!
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