Jour 91 : à 07:45 (heure locale)

Morning: driving from Arthur's Pass to Hokitika Gorge Scenic Reserve.
Once there, we did a short walk along a swing bridge & curving boardwalks through a forest, from where we could have great views over the Hokitika River and its striking turquoise water, surronded by valleys & montainous landscape.
--> such a beautiful spot, with an amazing color of water, but we had to be quick because of the multiple sandflies !

Afternoon: chillin' in Hokitika downtown, beach & library.

Later on, we watched the sunset @Hokitika Beach and went to observe glow-worms at night @Hokitika Glow-worm Dell.
Glow-worms are the larvae of a species of fly called a fungus gnat, and have a special ability to create a glowing light on their tails that they use to attract prey. Indeed, small flying insects get caught by sticky silk threads that glow-worms make and hang like fishing lines.
We also learned that glow-worm's light shines from an organ which is the equivalent of a human kidney. All insects have this organ but the glow-worm has unique ability to produce a blue-green light from it, called bioluminisence.
--> too bad we couldn't see glow-worms on pictures, because it really looked like shining stars in the sky. Beautiful.

Night @Stop Campervan Park, in Holitika. A sympathic owner, very clean facilities, great place to stop by for a night.
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