Jour 77 : à 09:00 (heure locale)

Not much to say about today since we've only been driving back to Pelorus Bridge.

Morning: driving back from the Takaka i-site parking where we spent the night to Nelson. On the road, we almost ran out of gaz.

Lunchbreak @Nelson Saturday Market.

- We had some wraps (roasted pork, apple, onions with BBQ sauce & lamb, variery of spicies with mint). Both were really tasty, products were fresh, no doubt. All good !

- There at the market, we also stopped by the stall of Fumio Noguchi, a 'Japanese local' bone carving artist, which makes neckless, rings and other kind of jewellery out of deer bone. Rings were sick but too big & too expensive, so we didn't buy any.

- We also took advantage of this stop in Nelson to take some street art pictures.

Afternoon: driving from Nelson to Pelorus Bridge. Once at the DOC campground, we just walked around for a while, and rested in the campervan later on.
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