Jour 62 : à 09:00 (heure locale)

We staid at Cape Palisser all day long. Wild & beautiful. We realy think that Capes are special places. More than being wonderful, the fact that there is nothing further makes everything even bigger & more impressive. There you feel so small ...

1st: we went to seal spots where we saw plenty of them: males, females & their child. They were really cute even though they were stinky as hell ! Each rock we were stepping on, a seal was coming out, affraid or not.

2nd: we climbed the 200 steps (what a piece of cake when you already climbed the 800 of East Cape Lighthouse !) to get to Cape Palisser Lighthouse. What a view up there !

Later on, we headed back to Gretown Campground where we had couple beers with our new French friends: Brice, Mickael, Chris & Cindy (?), before going to bed.
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