Jour 73 : à 07:30 (heure locale)

7:00 1st alarm clock

7:30 getting up

8:30 leaving the campground

8:45 check-in @aqua taxi office

9:15 leaving Marahau for Torrent Bay by boat. On the way, we stopped by
- 'Split Apple Rock' : some rocks, which the shape looks like a split apple (obviously), right in the middle of the bay, into the water
- Adele Island, where we saw some four seals. Learning of the day (even though you probably already knew it): in the begining of the century, four seals used to be hunt for their fours to do some warm jackets.

10:15 starting our walk

11:20 Cleopatra's Pool, natural pool formed by some rocks on the river. The spot is cool but the water is very cold and you can barely keep your feet into water for more than a minute. However, some crazy kiwis were rocksliding there.

12:45 Anchorage, which is a wonderful bay. I honnestly fell in love with the place, and actually with the whole Abel Tasman Park, even though we haven't seen it all.
Water is marine blue or even green sometimes and is so transparent that you can see through it. No need of swimglass.
Sand is yellow and soft, mountains & bush gives some green colors --> heaven on earth !

1hr lunchbreak on the beach + swimming in the bay

14:00 Pitt Head Lookout + Te Pukatea Bay

15:00 heading back to Marahau

4 (very) long hours of walk. The trail is fine and flat most of the time, but it's just a long way ... Plus, because right it's into the bush, you don't get to see that much of the coast/bay/beach.

18:30 arriving (thanks god) at Marahau. Yes, we had a good pace and did it in 3hrs30mins instead of 4hrs as indicated on pannels (and honnestly, kiwi indications on walk times are no lies, trust me !).

> 18:30 dying at the camping
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