The journey: Thomas and I were welcomed in an English host family in the Lot. The name of the village is Larroque-Toirac, it’s near the Lot river. We went on a coach to the rendezvous point in Montfaucon. There we met Jane and her son Ben. They drove us to their house in an English car and gave us something to eat and a drink. Jane and Ben are very nice and funny, and Ben's dog is called Gulli like the French TNT channel.
Our room: I was in the same room as Thomas, there were two beds, one single bed and one double bed, so we did a “rock, paper, scissors” and the winner could choose his bed. I won.
First night: Our first meal was shepherd’s pie, but with beef instead of lamb so that was a ‘cottage pie’. That is like French ‘Hachi Parmentier’, but I think cottage pie is better, and we ate for the first time “After Eights”, they are a little strange because there is mint and chocolate but it’s good. After the meal we played a game named ‘Articulate’ and we went to sleep.
The rules of Articulate:
• There are two teams (Jane and me against Ben and Thomas )
• The goal is to move forward on the board
• There is one person from the team who has a time limit to describe and make the teammate find the correct answer
• To mime isn’t allowed
• When you find the right answer you move forward
• The game finishes when a team passes the finish line
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