Use Memotrips while studying abroad

Studying abroad is an important period for a student. They have the opportunity to study for a semester in a foreign country and in a foreign language. Beyond the academic aspect, going abroad during your studies is often a rich and intense human experience. It is therefore important to save and share your six months with your parents, friends and family thanks to the Memotrips travel diary.

What is Memotrips ?

Memotrips is a French startup that is reinventing the travel diary by making it mobile, social and fun. It is the ideal solution that will accompany the student in their pocket throughout their time abroad, from taking off at the airport to the emotional goodbyes between students who met abroad.

How does it work?

Memotrips takes back the simplicity and the instantaneity of social networks like Facebook or Instagram, all while being focused on travel and the sharing of moments. On the technical side, there is no need to be a master's student in computer science to use Memotrips: a smartphone is enough to find a Wi-Fi connection from time to time so that the application automatically synchronizes what was done offline.

From one side, the student is going to create their travel diary, then share it by inviting their friends and family to Memotrips or by directly sending the link to their travel diary by email, Facebook or Whatsapp. Over the course of their time abroad, the student completes their travel diary by adding stages composed of photos, locations, impressions and opinions to it. A stage corresponds to a moment of the day, like the discovery of their student housing, the first day at the university or an evening out to a bar among students.

The student's most diligent friends and family can subscribe to the travel diary to be notified by push notification or by email each time that the traveler adds a stage to their travel diary. In this way, the parents and grandparents are reassured and can follow their child without asking them for news.

Why use Memotrips?

For the student

A simple and easy to use way to save memories from studying abroad
A smartphone is enough for updating a travel diary
Stay in contact with your parents, friends and family who don't have Facebook or Whatsapp
Option to order your photo book simply at the end of your time abroad

For the family and friends of the student

An intuitive and fun way to follow their child's studies abroad
A very simple private messaging system for staying in contact
Reassuring news day after day





Use Memotrips to discover the city and country where the student is studying

Studying abroad allows students not only to take classes abroad for the duration of a semester, but also to exchange with students coming from the 4 corners of the world, and to discover the country where the student wound up. To find things to do or to visit during the weekend, there are of course paper guides and tourism offices, but above all there are thousands of Memotrips travel diaries that were created everywhere in the world. These travel diaries are an immense source of information for students that are looking for activities outside of their class hours.

The 5 stages to creating a travel diary during your study abroad stay


The student create an account

The first step is to create an account for free on Memotrips. To create an account, simply provide a username, an email and a password.

Create an account

The student create a travel diary

Once the account is created, the student can create their travel diary by adding :
- a title and a description to describe the travel diary
- and other details like the start and end date of the trip, the locations visited and a cover photo

Create a travel diary

The student invites family and friends

Next the student can invite the group of parents to whom they want to give access to their travel diaries. To do so, they must provide their email addresses.

Invit friends

The falily and friends join Memotrips

Each person will receive an invitation by e-mail allowing them to sign up and to automatically become friends with the student. The family and friends will also automatically be subscribed to the travel diary of the student.

Depart for a semester of studying abroad

The student adds the first stage

At any moment the student can fill out their travel diary by adding stages to it via their Android or iOS smartphone, or via the website.
The mobile applications manage the offline mode, which means that an internet connection is not required for the teacher to add stages.
A step the a moment during your trip defined by a title, description, a place, date, and time and eventually photos.

The family and friends subscribed to the travel diary are notified

As soon as a stage is entered and synced with Memotrips, the family and friends of the student are notified by email or push notification. They can then view the new stage and the photos, and leave a comment on them.

The student is notified with each new comment

As soon as a person leaves a comment on the travel diary, the student is notified by email and by push notification. Student can directly respond to them or use the internal messaging service for more confidentiality.

Examples travel diaries created by students