Memotrips revolutionizes the travel diary by making playful, social and mobile.

Memotrips is a mobile application (Android and iOS) and Web that lets you take your digital travel diary. Forget your notebook and your pen! With Memotrips, your travelogues follow you everywhere with you, in your near, even without an Internet connection. Your friends and family can connect in real time to your travel book to follow you during your trip and keep in touch with you. Tired of forgetting your last vacation? the small restaurant where delicious meal? or temple to advise your friends? Memotrips is the solution. And besides, it's free!

you traveling?

Start by creating your book. On departure day, or weeks before, that's your choice. Memotrips call you by notification when complement your adventure begin.
On the web site as to the application, click on the "Create a book" this on the home page or the tab menu.
Then you have to enter some information: the name that you give this trip a little description (not required), the start and end dates of travel, or the countries you will visit, and a cover photo to illustrate this book.

You can also choose the visibility of your book:
  • Public for all Memotrips community can access (you can always choose to post photos of your choice in private).
  • For friends so that only your friends can access it.
  • Private to be the only one to see the book.

But know that free user account , you can not load the book on the cloud, and will not be able to share it with your loved ones. For the benefit of your family, so be sure to register on Memotrips.

Keep your travel blog

Once your holiday has started, you can create steps on Book . You can create as many as you like per day, they will order all alone through the time you specify.
Each stage contains:
  • Title .
  • Time Start.
  • Location . It is automatically determined when geotagging is enabled on your smartphone, because it's free, even abroad. If the geolocation is not enabled, you can enter the address manually or click on it with the associated card.
  • Description written by you.
  • Note and Review , which give your overall impression and short on stage.
  • And of course, as many Photos as you wish. You can select multiple photos at once when selecting them.
We recommend creating a step at every moment of the day, rather than creating a step-by-day. You will be able to trace your journey easier.
The application works without internet connection . You can post your step when you want, when you're inspired. The loading step to the cloud will be once you have access to an internet connection.

Discover Book a close

When a loved invites you to discover his notebook, you can consult as and as the author require its steps on the cloud.
It is also possible to comment on the book and the steps. These comments are public, visible to anyone who can access the book. The owner of the book is informed by a notification comment.

If you wish, you can also download the application Memotrips and create your own account. It is possible to trace the journey or add your close friends on the website (coming in the mobile application).
Thus, you can follow his journey whenever you want and will be notified via notification as soon as it will mail a new stage to discover!

What next?

If you want to get your book once it is completed, two options are available to you. The first is that you can PDF export your book to have it on your computer and future reference without internet connection. Otherwise, you can to print your book . With an automated system, the layout is done in a few clicks, and print quality of our partner Fujifilm .

For those planning a trip, public books are perfect source of information . In researching the books of a particular destination, users can enjoy all the Other, their favorite places and ideas of things to see and can also interact with them directly.