Frequently asked questions

  • About Memotrips
    • Memotrips, what is it?
      Memotrips is a social media platform that allows travelers to create, share and explore travel diaries. It is freely available on the Web and on a mobile application that is compatible with iOS and Android. The main goal for Memotrips is to generate one place where travelers can create their personalized travel diaries and share it with friends and family, even without an Internet connection. Memotrips even helps travelers stay organized during their trip with features such as steps, automatic synchronizations, and pre routed maps.
    • Is Memotrips chargeable?
      Memotrips is a free service that allows you to create a digital travel diary. You have no limit on the number of logs or the number of steps. Optional, but optional, options allow you to print your travel souvenirs in different forms: Fujifilm photo book, calendars, postcards, etc. Of course, you do not have to buy these paid options to use Memotrips.
  • How does it work?
    • What is a step?
      A step is a specific event during your trip. It can be a museum visit, a hike, a night in a hotel, etc. Each step of your travel diary is described by a title, category, date, location and a set of pictures.
    • Do Memotrips works for a weekend?
      Memotrips is a dynamic app that fits all of your travelling requirements. You can use Memotrips to preserve and share your memories during your six-month international backpacking trip, or even just to capture a romantic weekend in a local city.
    • What is the difference with Facebook or Twitter?
      Other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are a generalized social network. They are great for sharing information, the articles, photos, comments, etc. But Memotrips goes beyond that by positioning itself as the network social that specializes in travel. This will improve your presentation of information since each step is structured in your travel diaries and is also geotagged. On Facebook or Twitter, you can never present your photos and steps that are geotagged on a map, or search for specific information shared by travelers on a specific place.
    • Which browsers are supported?
      To use Memotrips, we advise to use a browser from a list of supported browsers below:
      - Google Chrome (updated)
      - Mozilla Firefox (updated)
      - Internet Explorer (version 9 and up)
      - Safari

      If, despite the use of one of these browsers, you encounter a problem, please Memotrips stating the problem and version your browser.
    • What if Memotrips stops tomorrow?
      To use Memotrips, we advise to use a browser from a list of supported browsers below:
      - Google Chrome (updated)
      - Mozilla Firefox (updated)
      - Internet Explorer (version 9 and up)
      - Safari

      If, despite the use of one of these browsers, you encounter a problem, please Memotrips stating the problem and version your browser.
    • Is the Memotrips application available on Windows Phone?
      We are a relatively new startup, which is why we are currently focusing our efforts toawrds the most answered smartphones, Android and iOS. But we expect a new development on the current Windows Phone in 2017.
    • How do you make money?
      Our service is free, the common question we have two axes.
      - For the public, our service is free but there are some optional services that requires payment, such as sending out hardcopies of postcards or a photo book that are customized from your photos. We outsource all of the printing and receive a commission of the sales.
      - We also provide Memotrips Technology: travel agencies who wish to propose a travel diary of service to their customers.... the availability of the technology carries a form of licensing fees.
  • Memotrips Account
    • Do I have to register?
      Users can freely surf the Memotrips website and view public travel diaries without creating a Memotrips account. But in order to create your own travel diaries and view friends’ private diaries, having an account is mandatory for security reasons.
    • Does creating an account is free?
      Creating your account is completely free and will remain so.
    • How to register?
      Creating your account on Memotrips only takes a few seconds. In the navigation bar, click “Sign up”, enter a username, email address and password, and confirm. Your account is now created! You can also create your Memotrips account by linking your Facebook account. This way is even faster. Just click on “Login with Facebook”. It is also possible to link Memotrips to your Twitter account.
    • Create Account, what's the point?
      Creating your account allows you to enjoy all the features of Memotrips. You can create and share your travel books, interact with the Memotrips community by using the messaging and comment system. You can receive notifications of each update from travelers and their travel diaries. You can also personalize your profile to find other travelers like you (by country, age, locations, etc.).
    • I got myself invited by a friend, what should I do?
      After a Memotrips user has invited you to sign up, you will receive an email informing you. Just click on the button 'I accept the invitation' and it will take you to the Memotrips site where there will be a pre-filled form written by the person who invited you. All you have to do is set a password and to confirm and voilà your Memotrips account is created! You are automatically friends with the person who invited you which gives you access to his/her travel diaries and having access to contact him/her by commenting on his/her travel diaries or by sending internal mail.
    • Is it possible for multiple users to update the same book?
      Unfortunately, it is not. However, Memotrips allows you to use the same login information on multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Privacy
    • I found a picture of me that I do not like, what do I do?
      Memotrips respects the right to the image. But if you are in a photo that you did not consent to the person who took it, you are entitled to request the removal of this photo. However, Memotrips as a host, and not a publisher, cannot be held responsible for this offense.
    • How is Memotrips using my personal data?
      Memotrips is respectful of all your personal data and attaches great importance to the confidentiality of the information you entrust to the recorded information platform. They are reserved only for the use of the services concerned and may not be disclosed to third parties. Memotrips does not collect any data that is not required by data collection and no data is sent without your knowledge.
      All of the data (accounts, travelogues, steps, photo, comments, etc.) stored on Memotrips is kept for the duration of the service. At any time you have the right to delete any content you have created. If you have any difficulties removing content, please contact Memotrips.
    • Are my travel diaries public?
      Choose When you create your travel blog, you have the option to set the visibility in public or restricted

      • - Public Visibility: A public travel blog is one that will be indexed in Google and can be accessed by everyone. Even if your travel blog is public, you can still set a restricted visibility on some of your photos.
      • - Restricted Visibility: a restricted travel blog is one that is only accessible to friends you allow to see. If someone searches your travel book it will be listed in the search engine but its access is blocked.

      Memotrips' philosophy is to share the experience of travel. Therefore, we advise to create a public travel diary for future travelers to learn from your steps and prints to help prepare for their own trips. This allows you to be able to converse with interested people by an exchange of comments and/or private messaging.
    • How long are my travel diaries kept?
      There is no time limit to how long your travel diaries can be stored and will remain available for the duration of Memotrips service or until you decide to remove them voluntarily.
    • I accidentally deleted a step of my travel diary. Can I get it back?
      Unfortunately once an item is deleted, it ensures it to be instantly erased from Memotrips’ servers. You have control over all your data and if you wish to delete some of your data, you are free to do so instantly.
  • Create your book
    • Am I able to post links?
      Unfortunately once an item is deleted, it ensures it to be instantly erased from Memotrips’ servers. You have control over all your data and if you wish to delete some of your data, you are free to do so instantly.
    • Do I put links?
      To avoid spam, the links that you insert into the text of your steps or in the comments are not clickable. So you can put links to YouTube videos or blogs but would require those seeking access to link content to do a copy / paste into their browser.
  • Pictures of my travel diaries
    • Are my photos enhanced on Memotrips?
      In order to optimize the loading time of pictures, we resize photos that are sent to Memotrips. If the width or height of your original photo is larger than 1600 pixels, it is automatically resized. We keep the proportions and do not apply any filter on pictures. Memotrips reserves the right to read and modify the eXIF data of the photo that are submitted.
      In all cases, the original photos that are on your computer, smartphone or tablet are not altered because Memotrips always makes an additional copy.
  • Follow a book
    • What does following a travel diary mean?
      To make sure you do not miss a step in a notebook, you can follow another traveler’s travel diary. This means you will be notified by email or push notification on the mobile app every time the traveler adds a new step.
    • How do I follow a travel diary?
      To follow a diary, click “track this book” on the Web site, on the iOS app click “follow” and “Subscribe” on the Android app.
      You do not have to create an account on Memotrips in order to follow a travel diary. If you do not have an account, you must enter your name and email. If you already have an account Memotrips, one click will suffice!
    • How do I stop following a travel diary?
      When you have a Memotrips account, go to the travel diary concerned and click: 'Stop following this diary' on the website, 'Unsubscribe' on the iOS app, and 'Unsubscribe' on the Android app.
  • Send postcards
    • What is this postcard service?
      Memotrips lets you send hardcopies of postcards that you can send to relatives and friends. The postcards are fully customizable as you choose the photo that will be on the front, the message, and the recipient who will be on the reverse side. We support the printing, postage, and sending of the postcards to a specialized service provider.
      Each postcard costs 2.50 euros all-inclusive (printing, postage, sending).
      The postcards are then sent out from the UK. The deadlines therefore are 2 to 4 working days in Europe, and a week to 10 days for the rest of the world.
    • How can I pay my order postcards?
      You can use a Visa credit card, MasterCard, or American Express to pay for your order to ensure secure transactions, we use Stripe, one of the most used payment systems worldwide..